La ciudad me habita (the city inhabits me)


This exhibition is the result of an artistic residence in which the two artists, Laura Romero and Margara De Haene (, made a visual and sensitive exploration of how the city lives, with the intention of producing a self-portrait of through the urban spaces in which they have lived and cohabited.

During the stay, he experimented with different approaches to books – art, photography, photobooks, installation and ceramic sculpture.

“Thinking and questioning the territory in which we live goes beyond a simplistic image. This Kantian look is not only physical – geographical, but it also builds a new identity: our identity. A look from the strange and the new at the beginning, which at first glance can be common and ordinary for others. Recognize ourselves in that in front of us. ”

“A man sets out the task of drawing the world. Throughout the years, it inhabits a space with images of provinces, kingdoms, mountains, bays, ships, islands, fish, rooms, instruments, stars, horses and people. Shortly before he dies, he discovers that this patient labyrinth of lines traces the image of his face. ”

El Hacedor, Jorge Luis Borges.

Be the city

With my eyes, I achieve an adaptation that identifies me with the place where I reside, personalizing it, making it mine, in such a way, that the stage speaks and defines me. A personal edition that reflects unique moments and moments with the spaces that captivate me because of its existence as it passes, discovering something new every time.