Anudados (Knotted)


Life is made up of knots, connections. Since the very first moment, when one is born, there is a knot that ties us to life via the umbilical cord. The first knot, our first knot. We are bound to destiny, tied up. We are linked to liberty; we are tied to living. Life is but a compound net of interconnections that gradually describes who and how we are. Every decision we make is a node, an inflection point towards a different path. We make ends meet, we tie knots, we grow. We interact, we relate to others, we live, we feel. Little by little, we all become one with the rest, with the whole. We develop an immense tangled web, that has its roots in our most profound interior, in our limitless core.


(De anudar, infl. por nudo).

(noun \ ˈnät \).


  • An interlacement of the parts of one or more flexible bodies forming a lump or knob.
  • A tight constriction or the sense of constriction.

2:  Something hard to solve.

3: A bond of union.

4: To unite closely or intricately.

Merriam Webster Dictionary