About Laura

Laura Romero, Madrid (Spain) 1976. Bachelor in Fine Arts. Laura is a multidisciplinary artist who works in painting, photography, performance, installation, and recently started with ceramic sculpture.

Her international participation has been outstanding, appearing in art fairs from Hamburg to Istanbul and Paris. Both her individual and her collective work have been exhibited around the world.

I consider my work to be quite intimate. Under the scope of my own experiences, I elaborate a story about everyday life, I expose situations we all face day to day. My intention is to bait the audience into taking a second, closer, look; it is an invitation to reflect on everything that goes by in our journey unnoticed.

Art critic Juanjo Oliva, describes her as:

“Laura Romero is an excellent multi-talented all-rounder artist, with the unique quality to turn the most anodyne environment into poetry”.

In words of Asun Clar, a female art critic:

“Laura Romero is capable of exposing the most intimate side of being a woman, and take this experience under a thorough reflective process”.

Awards and exhibitions

Solo shows

  1. “Intervals”, Sangremal Gallery (Querétaro, México)
  2. “Memory of a space and time”, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Querétaro (Querétaro, México)
  3. “Anudados” (Knotted), Centre d´art La Real (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)
  4. Main Hall at the Toledo Art Circle (Toledo, Spain)
  5. International Artists Meetup NEXO (Toledo, Spain)
  6. Sol y Bartolomé Gallery (Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
  7. Centre d´art La Real (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)
  8. “Lalola”, organized by the Madrid Community on behalf of the contracultural movement Movida Madrileña conmemoration (Madrid, Spain)
  9. La Nave del Arte (Madrid, Spain)


  1. Finalist in photography award Mirada Indiscreta, Centro de la Imagen. Secretaría de Cultura de la Ciudad de México.
  2. Finalist in “Postales de la cuarentena” organized by Feria del Millón Art Fair (Colombia) http://feriadelmillon.com/
  3. Semifinalist at ARTBOX contest. PROJECT New York 1.0 (ARTBOX.GALLERY Suiza)
  4. “Hugo Urban Art 2006” Prize nominee
  5. “Ciudad de Palencia de Creación Artística 2006” Prize nominee
  6. “Woodsuch project. WOODNESS-SAKE” Prize nominee
  7. “Talento de la semana” (Young talent of the week) at EP3 (“El País” Newspaper)
  8. Caixa Galicia Foundation Prize, A Coruña. Selected work by the Fine Arts Royal Academy of Nuestra Señora del Rosario.

Collective exhibitions

  1. “Materiality Unleashed” de Li Tang Gallery (New York, USA)
  2. “Exploring Media” En Blanco Gallery (San José del Cabo, Mexico)
  3. “The same but different” Yadite Gallery by #NY4CPA, (NY, USA)
  4. “Garden Books” Fare Libri, Palazzo dei Musei (Reggio Emilia, Italia)
  5. “Postal Artist Books”(Basel, Swiss)
  6. “Art Through The Lens” Paducah Summer Festival Photo Competition, Yeiser Art Center (Kentucky, USA)
  7. “#Sinergética” Entorno humano, Museo de Arte de Querétaro, MAQRO (Querétaro, Mexico)
  8. “ARTE EN LA RED”, Casa de América (Madrid, España)
  9. “Postal Artist Books” Project Exhibition. Multidisciplinary Gallery from COCOA, USFQ (Quito, Ecuador)
  10. Galería Gaudí (Madrid, Spain)
  11. “Remain”, Complices Space (Madrid, Spain)
  12. CoHause (Querétaro, Mexico)
  13. “Postal Artist Books” Project Exhibition. Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade (São Paulo, Brazil)
  14. Eka Moor Gallery (Madrid, Spain)
  15. “Encuentro de imagen MMXX. New documentalism. Intervalos”. Centro de Arte Bernardo Quintana. (Querétaro, Mexico)
  16. “Espacios íntimos”. Galería Libertad. Querétaro (México)
  17. “Imágenes en tiempo real. Cuarentena.” EXPOSICIÓN VIRTUAL/FOTOGRAFÍA. Centro Cultural Clavijero. Morelia, México.
  18. “La ciudad me habita”, Centro de Arte Bernardo Quintana. (Querétaro, Mexico)
  19. Gaudi Gallery (Madrid, Spain)
  20. “The English Channel” Herrick Gallery (London, United Kingdom)
  1. “Escenarios Habituales” (Everyday Scenarios), Caminarte Gallery (Querétaro, Mexico)
  2. “Proyecto Autorretratos” (Self-portrait Project), Fine Arts University Castilla La Mancha (Cuenca, Spain)
  3. “Proyecto Autorretratos” (Self-portrait Project), Out North Gallery (Anchorage, Alaska)
  4. “Proyecto Autorretratos” (Self-portrait Project), Maison de la Culture/Expo-centre Raymond-Lasnier (Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada)
  5. “Fitting Room”, Hotel Petit Palace Art Gallery (Madrid, Spain)
  6. “Five points”, Centre d´art La Real (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)
  7. Artmoda 2008 Centre d´art La Real (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)
  8. Sol y Bartolomé Galery (Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
  9. Felicia Hall Galery (Granada, Spain)
  10. “La Colmena” (The Beehive) Project, directed by Anamaría McCarthy (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  11. Tercera parte del Proyecto “Autorretratos” (Self-portrait Project – part III), directed by Alicia Candiani (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  12. Artmoda 2007, Centre d´art La Real (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)
  13. Sol y Bartolomé Gallery (Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
  14. Navacerrada Municipality Hall (Madrid, Spain)
  15. Pontedeume Municipality Hall (La Coruña, Spain)
  16. May Moré Gallery (Madrid, Spain)
  17. Alameda Gallery (Vigo, Spain)

Participation in Art Fairs

  3. ZONA MACO Iternational Art Fair (Mexico)
  4. Art book fair Castilla y León, Burgos (Spain)
  5. Festiarte, Marbella (Spain)
  6. Enfoque Querétaro (Mexico)
  7. jäälphoto (Madrid)
  8. New Art Fair Paris (Paris)
  9. The 16th European Contemporary Art Fair in Strasbourg (Strasbourg)
  10. Room Art Fair (Madrid)
  11. Affordable Art Fair (Hamburgo)
  12. Affordable Art Fair (Estocolmo)
  13. Room Art Fair (Madrid)
  14. Art Madrid (Madrid)
  15. Contemporary Istanbul (Istanbul)
  16. Art Madrid (Madrid)
  17. International Contemporary Art Fair, ART JAM MALLORCA 2007 (Palma de Mallorca – Spain)